Jordan Howard Trade Value

I drafted Howard @ 2.01 in a 12 man PPR Dynasty and I believe that was great value for picking him.

I have been getting what I feel, is awful trade requests for him… 2 future 2nd rounders and a 3rd future…

I understand the unknown with the offense but they weren’t a very good offense last year as it is and he still produced…

What do you guys feel he is truly worth? IF, I even trade him because I have Ziek as my other RB. and in a dynasty I feel I can really build with those two young guys.

I also just drafted Howard, and definitely value him as a top 10 back. I would add another piece to him to trade up for Freeman or Gordon (like Howard and a 2nd round pick), but if I’m trading him for Ajyayi, Gurley, McCoy, Murray, etc, the other side would have to add something, Howard is a risk, but the situation hasn’t changed much and he’s shown what’s possible.

How are your WR? I wouldn’t be afraid to trade him to get a TOP WR. Even “old” guys AJ Green will play for 3 or more years, plenty of time to build around.

I am in a similar situation where I am being offered a 2018 1st and 2nd rounder with Alvin Kamara for Howard. Is that close to being fair??

Much closer @nwarren4423 You’re taking on a lot more risk. I don’t think I’d take that offer. I’d be looking for another piece instead of the 2nd rounder

I just don’t think I believe that much in Howard. I think the trade offers you’re being sent are crap, but if there is that much interested in him, package him with a 2nd to go after a higher RB like Stabsinthe said. I think you could really convince the Devonta Freeman owner that Tevin Coleman is going to cut into Freeman this season and get him.