Jordan Howard Trades?

I am in a PPR Dynasty league. I drafted Howard in rd. 2 of the rookie draft last year but I am scared he might fall off a cliff in the near future due to there being NOTHING around him. Do any of the trade ideas makes sense:

OPTION 1: Howard/Landry for Dez/Ajayi and a 2nd round pick

OPTION 2: Howard for the 1.1 or 1.2 pick plus maybe an extra pick or so. I am big on Mixon and have the 6th pick, so there is NO chance of him falling.


I like the idea of trying to sell high on howard. I heard some great stats on why hes going to be a consistent thing but I agree with you bears have nothing to show on offense.

Honestly, neither trade excites me:
#1 is not great. Dez & Ajayi are injury scares especially Ajayi whos guna age faster than Benjamin Button.
Mixon is a j walking away violation from never seeing the field again in my opinion (extreme case, but you get it)

You want to trade Howard for uncertain but neither option really provides that.

Hope that helps

I traded Howard for Derrick Henry and a 2019 2nd. Think Henry has more upside in the long run. Out of the 2 scenarios I like the Mixon trade, however I personally want to SEE what a player is capable of when trading a player of high status.

I don’t hate option 1. I like Howard and Ajayi and Dez is an upgrade over Landry. The pick is icing on top. Plus, a Gase led offense is going to continue leaning on the running attack.

Option 2 is too much of a mystery and could leave you a full year away from even seeing if you made the right decision. And another year away from recovering if it was a bad move.

I’m not sure I accept option 1, but I at least look at how it affects my team. If you turn the 2nd into a 1st, I like it a lot more. And I think Howard has that pull for some people. Good luck!

Does it change your opinion if I take Fournette over Mixon?

I like it more, but my league values Howard higher than that still. Every league is different though. In the end, I am too afraid to give up a likely rb1 for a Jacksonville question mark.

This is the insanity it took in my league for Howard to get moved. A 3-team blockbuster mega trade with a lot of moving parts. We all live close to Chicago (in Indiana) though, so we’re probably biased.

team 1:
received 2018 1.XX
received 2018 1.XX
received Doug Martin (owns Jacquizz already)
received Mark Ingram (owns AP already)
lost Jordan Howard
lost 2017 2.02
lost 2017 2.08
lost $35 waiver cash

team 2:
received Jordan Howard
received 2017 2.02
received 2017 2.08
lost Dez Bryant
lost Doug Martin
lost 2018 1.XX
lost $25 waiver cash

team 3:
received Dez Bryant
received $60 waiver cash
lost Mark Ingram
lost 2018 1.XX