Jordan Howard v Tyreek Hill noPPR dynasty

4 keeper standard no-ppr league. My last spot is Jordan Howard v Tyreek Hill.

My other three keepers are a RB1, WR1, and WR1. Who would you keep, Hill or Howard.

Icing on the cake: I have no first round pick, but have two second round picks.

I’d go Howard. You can almost guarantee opportunity. I think the team will be improved, and have more goal line opportunities. Cohen isn’t going to steal the goal line work. Also you have to factor in hills QB. I understand Andy is very high on him, but he is basically a rookie and what is his upside? 22 TD’s? That would be a good year for a rookie. How many of them would go to hill? Especially nonppr.

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I agree for mostly the same reasons, Howard is the play here especially in non PPR. Completely agree on the QB comment as well for KC, also bearing in mind that they will have Ware back and another mouth to feed in the passing game in Watkins i’d rather have the solid week to week touches and production of Howard vs the boom/bust week to week of Hill personally. I mentioned Ware because with basically a rookie QB playing, everyone knows their best friends are always a solid run game and good TE. I’d expect certainly to start KC to run more and try and let Mahomes find his feet. Andy Reid is a smart coach, he’s not getting him to throw 35+ times every week

I am making a pretty aggressive offer for Howard in my league, so maybe this is biased but I choose Howard. Love me some RB depth.

Thanks guys, I was leaning Howard too. Mahomes and increased reliance on the run hurt Tyreek the Freak a bit, plus I like the upside of Nagy taking his run game talents to Chicago. If he can achieve the same shake and bake success in CHI that he had with his backs in KC, Howard should outperform his current ranking.

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