Jordan Howard value

What is his Worth ?

In terms of what? Tier? Other players in a trade? What value are you looking for?

I would say he is in the arrow pointing down category value-wise, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tarik Cohen plays a bigger role this year

yeah we need more info to be more accurate. do you mean for picks? for players? redraft, keeper, dynasty? are you trying to get him or drop him? if you are trying to drop him, what other RBs do you have? if trying to pick him up, what other RBs do they have? straight up value is hard to determine. but, add in all the other personal questions, and value can be determined.

example, lets say you want to get him. its a dynasty, 1/2 point PPR in a 12 man league. the guy you want to get him from has howard, mckinnon, and lets say… carlos hyde. and then nothing really after that. his value immediately shoots up for the guy you are trying to get him from. because he doesnt have a true RB1. now if he trades him away, he HAS to start mckinnon and hyde instead of being able to spot start between the three. but its a dynasty and there is a rookie draft coming up. maybe he has the 1.01 and has barkley on lock. howards value to that guy goes down. he has a replacement for him. so it changes rapidly per situation. if you want a straight up where you would draft him thing, i would probably draft him as RB13-RB15 range. thats redraft 1/2 point PPR.

main point is, the value changes for individual circumstances. give us yours, and help might be had.

Dynasty value guys…value in picks and players

Well you sir just kind of describe my brothers situation in our dynasty league. His team did horrible all year long and now he have 1.01 aka Barkley and I’m trying to go for Howard in a trade …

Is a 12 teams full PPR dynasty, He is needing a QB, TE and WRs, what should be the most fair offer in exchange of Howard from this pool of players?

Zay Jones
Kenny G
Austin Hooper

I was thinking in a possible 2x1 or even some trade picks in exchange from both sides to make it more equal (I’m 11 of 12 in the draft position, 5 rounds linear)

I’m currently going after Howard too. I offered Sammy Watkins and the 1.08 and feel like I’m slightly over paying.

Ummm If that offer was made to me, I would probably say no at 1st .i Would have to look into it more.But it’s a good offer in my eyes not a lowball offer

man thats tough. from that list you could ride the hype train for dede, and throw in dak and its probably accepted. if not maybe throw in hooper? if you really want to get it done dak and tate should for sure do it.

thats over paying for me. sammy watkins has a lot of value to him right now. but its sneaky value. add in that 1.08 equates to christian kirk or freeman and thats 2 starters for 1. but, if you are good on WR and need RB badly, its worth it in the end.

I have OBJ, ARob, Cooper, Marvin Jones, Edelman, and Robert Woods so I have the recievers to do it… I don’t feel great about it. I also own the 1.07 though

well the question is, how do you value howard? do you see him as a true RB1? because with your WR core and draft capital you have, you can afford to give up more for a player you value as an RB1 for pretty cheap. well, cheap to you i mean. depth is the great equalizer of leagues, but if you dont have quality starters at RB then you have trouble. me though, i dont value howard that way. i think he is right on the outside of the RB1 glass looking in. BUT, the one thing that kinda perks me up about him, is that whole team has gotten better. one deep threat like robinson makes it so much harder to stack up on him. and thats my biggest concern. is that they can focus on him too much. well, and his inability to catch a ball.

I have it as like RB13/15 ish. So I see where you’re coming from. I’m targeting him, Caff, Freeman and Gordon right now

honestly i have a huge fantasy crush on mccaffery right now. he is cheap and easy to get, and im expecting a big jump in production for him.

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I’m commish of a Keeper League with Auction Draft (so keepers have a monetary value of +10% from previous year rather than draft picks). Howard’s Keeper value is $30 of a $200 budget. I just traded to get Howard and really liked how it worked out.

I gave
Freeman ($55) and Alex Smith ($3)
I received
Howard ($30) and $13 of Salary Cap to use in the Auction Draft.

We start 2 QBs and I have Rodgers ($36), Cam ($17) and Jimmy G ($5) so I didn’t mind losing Smith at that value. I’m stacked at WR and couldn’t afford or want Freeman at $55.

$30 seems a little high for Howard, but in getting $13 of extra cap I look at it as keeping him for $17. In the offseason I’m more willing to over-pay for RBs because of their scarcity and knowing that any RBs who are cut and put into the auction draft pool will attract high prices.

I like Freeman in redraft, just because his value at the this years draft will likely be lower than last year. In keeper or dynasty leagues I’m guessing that Freeman’s price will be a little high based on his 2016 season.

now that my friend, is how you find overall value like a champ. someone might see that and say, well you got worse at RB and QB so its not worth it. i see it as knowing your team and the value of the all mighty dollar. 13 bucks if done right can be 2 quality spot start guys, or 1 guy you believe in but hasnt hit yet. or, its an extra 13 to throw at a big name that you didnt have before. i think thats a hell of a job.

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Thank you @BusterD .

I love off-season trades in Keeper/Dynasty leagues because it gives you the opportunity to make adjustments that you would never consider in-season. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that trade in November, but in planning my budget and roster in the off-season it made a lot of sense.

yeah the only way i go after that trade in november is if its basically locked that i am out, and im able to take advantage of someones win now mentality. but if im in the mix, hellllll na. i would never get rid of a quality start QB and a top RB when i have no realistic way of replacing them. its why i love dynasty though, because like you said it allows you to make adjustments that you never would because of the timing.

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At the end was a Tate-Hooper for Howard-Kroft (once he need to clean that place in the roster).

I think is fair isn’t it? I mean I love Tate as a super safe floor and he throw the offer anyway. Now my only “posesion receiver” that can kind of give me that floor is Cooper Kup and still can go for 1 more receiver in the draft now that I have that space (10 WR max per roster in this dynasty)