Jordan Howard vs jay ajai

In a keeper league can only keep 1

Howard. Ajayi was averaging like 10 touches a game for philly when he got there. Not reliable.

not going against what you are saying at all because thats my thoughts as well. but, with a full off season and what not with the team you dont see that number rising? ive seen reports of both peterson and howie saying they want to get him more involved.

Im sure the number goes up but by how much…? We already know what Howard is and what his floor is

It all depends on the cost of each guy. I’ve seen some teams with the same question that can keep Ajayi as a 10th and Howard as a 2nd. So, what is the cost for each guy?

I have always played full redraft (just took over a orphan here) and this league there isn’t a cost attached to the players…so i’m not sure what you mean by keep ajayi as a 10th means… sorry for my lack of knowledge

Ajayi with the Eagles splitting carries.
70 rushes
408 yards
5.8 yards/carry
If he gets 15-20 touches a game I like his upside. Blount is gone. Clement is the 3rd down back now.

In some keeper leagues, the guys you keep cost a draft pick and it gets higher each year. So, if guy A was drafted in the 13th round, in order to keep him the next year he would move up to the 10th round and would be your 10th round pick.

If this is not at all what your league does then Howard is my pick as the guy to keep.

Depends how you want to play it. Safe bet is Howard due to the volume of work he’ll get through. Ajayi potentially has a bigger ceiling but also has a way lower potential floor. Guess it comes down to whether you want to gamble on Ajayi blowing up next year!

Howard all the way. Fox is gone and The passing offense is still weak sauce. Run Howard Run!