Jordan Matthews Dilema

Probably a really stupid question so I apologize in advance but I’m new to dynasty. With Jordan Matthews being released with his hamstring injury, do I hold onto him because he’s young? Or do I go out and grab Dorsett or Decker assuming he signs? It’s a deep league and I dont need this player to start or anything. Just a thought.

How many roster spots? Do you have an IR, and if so, what are the rules?

I would not be so reactive to drop him. I would want to pick up either Dorsett or Decker. My money is on Dorsett.

24 roster spots. 10 starters, 14 bench. No IR. 12 team dynasty superflex

Ouch… Dynasty with no IR sucks…

Id look to get amendola but doesn’t mean i need to drop Matthews if i have someone worse or maybe drop a kicker or def if your league has that.

What a coincidence, I have Amandola lol. No K or DST. I could drop a guy like Darboh or Benjamin Watson? Or Treadwell. I took him in Hope’s something would happen seeing he’s only 23.

I prefer Darboh, Ben Watson, and Treadwell over Dorsett.

I was high on Matthews this year, kind of bummed the Pats didn’t hold onto him, but it sounds more and more like his hamstring injury could cost him some time… I hate to say it, but it’s starting to feel like his season in the slot for Philly were more aberration than sneaky value. I don’t know what the free agent pool looks like or how your league handles adds/rookie drafts, but if you don’t need him - I may not tie up the roster spot as his needle is pointing FIRMLY down.

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Yeah I was leaning towards dropping but hes only 26. Disappointing.

Drop him. We are a big believer in Dorset this year and here’s why. When he takes the field, he is the fastest player on it. He’s in a contract year and more importantly year #2 w/Pats. At the moment, there are openings at WR in Foxboro. If he can master the slot for Brady, watch out folks. If thats the case, he should be able to replicate Cook’s # from last year, possibly better? Here’s a recent piece I ran accross, ENJOY:

New England native here, and I’m not so sure Dorsett makes a big impact this year. He may have a game or two that looks like he’s breaking out but Brady tends to go where he’s most comfortable. Gronk/Hogan/Burkhead/White/Edelman (when he returns) are all guys I trust to have better seasons in the passing game than Dorsett.

Dorsett can’t overtake Hogan??? Than why’s he in the slot??? Isn’t that Brady favorite position outside TE these days???

Brady doesn’t use guys he’s not comfortable with regardless of the position, that’s his history. Gronk, Hogan, White/Burkhead… those are his 3 top targets. Add to the mix Eric Decker and Welker-clone Braxton Berrios, and I don’t see enough consistent targets to elevate Dorsett above a deep sleeper flier, and even then I’m not drafting him.

There’s been NO love out of camp for Dorsett, I don’t hear his name anywhere around these parts, but I hear about Berrios impressing in the slot… I don’t know but I don’t have the warm and fuzzies surrounding Dorsett at this point.