Jordan Reed... droppable?

My poor baby Zacky Ertz has a late week injury. I snagged Jordan Reed off FA two weeks ago to stash him (and so others couldn’t). But now it’s looking like I need to drop him for a streaming TE if this is a real thing with Ertz.

Ertz’s response of “YEP” was not convincing me yet of his health for this week.

Could use some guidance if this is the right move.

I went ahead and sent Reed to the Waviers this week for Olsen, which should return in a couple weeks (Placed him on the IR and will play Doyle). If you are to Stream a TE Who would you drop, if it isn’t Reed? I personally would not have 3 TEs on my team, just to keep an injured Reed on the bench.

Who are your streaming Options?

Thanks, yeah I definitely think dropping him makes the most sense. I am definitely not dropping Ertz… The waiver wire is full of scarcity…


Well… I hope for you Ertz plays. Haha.

This is all just my Opinion.

With the choices you have here, the only 2 I have interest in, is Griffin or Howard. I see Griffen being a security blanket for Savage. But I do not see the ceiling being very high. He is, however playing the Colts

With Howard, I see that he has produced in a couple games. Every other game he had no more than 2 pts. He is also the 2nd TE in the offense. I like Howards possibilities more.

WIth my Luck, whichever one I pick, the other one will have a monster game.

Good Luck to you Dude!

Thanks, I think I’ll need it!

He was just cleared. PHEW