Jordan Reed for T y hilton

Should I trade Jordan Reed for ty Hilton?
Other option is Jordan Reed for Adam Thelen

who are your other wideouts? and what tight ends are on the wire?

Starting I have Michael Thomas, just picked up Higgins, and tyrell Williams.
Just benched crowder,and I have Eric Decker, and Kenny G sitting there. I also have Julius Thomas to plug in

ooooh, hilton isnt start able until luck is back obviously. But reed will be injured sooner or later and then you can’t trade him. decker should play better with davis out. but still reed could win you a week. T.Y can;t right now.

but pick up someone else for TE. And make that trade. T.Y will really pay off since you can hold down on wideout until his return and reed will bust soon i think

I should also mention I have Andrew luck on the bench. Love the idea of pairing Hilton and luck whenever he comes back

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Ok he backed out of the Hilton deal. Offered thielen for reed straight up. I like it but am I losing to much up side with reed for a mid to high wr?

yes. way to much. thielin is like t.y in hes bad without his qb. and keenum is still starting as of now. if bradford was back it owuld be worth it. t.y is so much better.

I’m really looking for a future stud wr. Not necessarily a start this week guy. If I can get thielen low now since his qb is hurt it’s a good move. And like you said reed is undoubtly going to be hurt and not worth a damn

true. makes sense. if thats your thought process do it. i can feel that. but pick up engram or a differetn TE if possible.