Jordan Reed - In the game?

I am not able to watch the game, but is he even in? Did he get injured?

Been wondering the same thing. I’m only checking the box score and so far not even a target. Yikes! I just traded Jimmy Graham away so I sure hope Reed is OK.

Here’s what ESPN is saying: # John Keim ESPN Staff Writer

Redskins tight end Jordan Reed has been limited for some reason in the first half. His toes have been an issue in the past, but after two weeks off the thought was he’d start playing more. Regardless, he has yet to be targeted. The Redskins don’t have many players who can win quickly in one-on-one matchups, but Reed can. They need to get him involved somehow.

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LOL…apparently Earnhardt Jr. likes your man too!!!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. @DaleJr


First guy to congratulate Smith is Reed. Wish they would play catch next half.

i’m half-watching the game and i’ve only heard his name mentioned once. it sounded like it was his first time even getting on the field. reed being reed…unfortunately this is never a surprise given his injury history

@Order66…this is for you buddy, since you can’t watch.


John Keim ESPN Staff Writer

The Redskins trail 26-13 after one half and it could be a lot worse. Washington has been outgained 285-139, thanks to blown coverage that has led to two plays of at least 46 yards – one for a touchdown. The defense has hurt itself with penalties. Meanwhile, the offense can’t run the ball – 2.9 yards per carry – and has left itself in bad third-down situations. It’s why they’re only two-for-seven on that down. Tight end Jordan Reed was not targeted in the first half. The Redskins were outclassed in the first half and can’t let that be repeated in the second.


NFL 11m

smith was trying to target reed just now but instead threw a pick. reed saved it from being a pick 6 by a few yards though…so at least he is running!

@falcones404…seeee……that’s why I LOVE this place. FFB lovers reaching out and helping, doing what they can for our FFB LOVER comrades!!! :joy:

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gotta look out for each other in this injury-ravaged fantasy landscape!


Reed JUST dropped a pass. So he is in the game.

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@falcones404 LOL…so true. BECAUSE we are a rare and special breed. And unless you are one of us…LOL…you can’t even fathom the extent of the addiction, and therefore the incredible need for the HELPING HAND occasionally!!! LOL…and for some of us…“A CONSTANT HELPING HAND!!!”

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@Order66 ……well there ya go buddy. Reed just caught a 77 yard pass!!!


and this isn’t even Reed’s fault. alex smith looks absolutely horrible out there. he’s embarrassing himself

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GRRRR!!! I swear I’m about done listening to all the “EXPERTS”!!! I have Russel Wilson and Alex Smith. I sat Wilson this week because the WHOLE FLIPPING DADGUMMED WORLD expected him to sluff this week against the RAMS…(and TBH…I kinda did too). BUT…sat him for Alex this week!!! (Although, actually…can’t blame them, since I was thinking the same thing)!!!

Just needing to vent I reckon!!! SMH!!!


smith has also had two passes, one each to AP and to C Thompson, each time leading them directly into a clearly visible, oncoming defender prepared to hit them at maximum force. great job protecting your teammates…esp those who are prob your top 2 offensive weapons.

@falcones404. YEP!!! I’m prob NEVER sitting Wilson again this year as long as he’s not hurt!!!

“please forgive me Russel…I’ll never doubt you again!!!” :cry:

(Well…except for week after next…Wilson on bye.) (sigh)

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in fact, smith did the same thing to jeremy maclin in 2015 against the chargers when he got blown up on the exact same type of play. i feel like theres another example of this happening with smith that i’m forgetting. idk why i’m hating on smith so much right now haha. i don’t think he does this intentionally or something. maybe im just annoyed that he isn’t getting the ball to crowder enough still.

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LOL @falcones404…right there with ya buddy…as I’ve already mentioned…sat Wilson for Smith!!! Yeah RRRRIGHT!!! Would have had 25 pts with Wilson…OVER A MEASLY 13 FROM ALEX!!!

Either I’m just an idiot or have to re-think my philosophy here!!! Cuz this is getting insanely out of control!!!


In fact…wondering seriously if I shouldn’t drop Smith for Bortles!!!

Just went 2-3!!!

Junior is a big Skins fan. That’s probably the local broadcasts he got growing up in the Carolinas.

@falcones404 @llc @psychosem17 @LastRaidBoss

Thank you all for the updates! I was on vacation with the wife so I had super limited access, but your updates were amazing! I ended up winning my match-up by 1.2 points thanks to Reed’s one reception!

Hope your match-ups went well last week and good luck today!