Jordan Reed on Wire

I have Doyle as starter, should I pick Reed up for emergency back up?

The dilemma:

I would have to drop one of these players:
Cameron-Artist Payne ( McCaffrey is on my roster)

Worth dropping any the above to stash Reed?

Hmm, TBH your not giving up a whole lot in anyone except maybe cousins. I probably would; I like Howard more than Doyle cause he doesn’t get red zone opportunities

I am thinking about dropping Enunwa to pick up Reed but that leaves me Sanu and Coutee for back up for Wideouts. What is everyone’s thoughts?

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I would drop enunwa for reed. I think youll end up being okay with sanu and coutee

Now Penny is on wire. Who is more over hyped as a player? Probably Penny right now, correct?