Jordan Reed or Ebron ros?

Jordan Reed has been dropped onto waivers in my league I have njoku and Ebron does reed have a better ros than any of these two ?

I have ebron and reed in one of my leagues. Reeds history shows he’s worth picking up over njoku since i don’t think he will do much ros. EBron is that dude though so it won’t matter who you pick up behind him i say grab reed because of his high ceiling in previous years. I don’t quite trust njoku’s hands and that browns offense.

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I was thinking dropping Enron instead just can’t bring myself to do it I’ve tried to trade him but no takers I feel when Hilton and Doyle come bk he won’t be as valueable and iam thinking more playoffs as iam 5-1 what you think ?

Well it pains me to say this. But at this point you have to go with Ebron. He has the way higher upside, unless something changes for the better between Smith and Reed. Ouch that hurt to say, lol

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Cheers with stick with him