Jordy and Reed For Gronk and Julio

I am thinking about offering Jordy and Reed for Gronk and Julio. The other guy is a big GB fan so he will want Jordy. Is this trade fair?

Personally I’d rather have jordy than Julio. Jordy seems to find the end zone more, along with the connection with Rodgers. Julio has that one play drive possibility where he could get open first drive and score a touchdown. I think if this is a ppr I’d rather have jordy, but they are two similarly ranked players.

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It’d be a great trade for you. Nelson and Jones are about the same and Gronk is better than Reed. I doubt Reed will be able to play the whole season with that foot injury.

I think I prefer Jordy slightly over Julio but those two are basically even. And I love Gronk way more than Reed so I think I’d make that trade

Ok thanks guys. I realize I forgot to write that it is standard. But I think the Gronk bonus out ways the Jordy.