Jordy for Fournette straightup?

Is this a fair trade?

My WR: Jordy, DT, Tate, Fitz, Kearse, Hurns, Funchess
My RB: Ajayi, D Murray, Crowell, Cohen, J Stew

I originally offered Murray and DT for Fournette and Parker/Pryor.

I’d stick with Jordy

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It’s a fair(ish) trade, but you are on the higher value side IMO. I wouldn’t do the deal unless this is a dynasty league. I’d try and 2 for 1 your RBs and WRs to upgrade…

I have tried that. he doesnt have anyone he’s willing to drop so hes requesting a 1 for 1 or 2 for 2 etc.

Oooh that’s a close one. Fournette would help your RB strength big time but leaves only DT and GT as the WRs. Jordy is a gamebreaker and Rodgers loves him, I would probably stick to Jordy.