Jordy for Golden Tate?

My team is pretty stacked besides my WRs. The only ones of note being Jordy and Crabtree. Would you trade away Jordy for Golden Tate? I’m thinkin Jordy may be nothing without Rodgers and that Golden Tate will out perform him rest of the year. What would you do?

I would do it, but could be overreacting from last week. I would try to throw someone else in the trade and getting one more piece out of the trade. Throw in one of you bench players and try to get a little more but if he wont give any more up i think i would do it.

Jordy is still great. He will get his. He won’t get as many TD’s but he’s definitely going to be a lot better than last week imo

I own Jordy too. Im hanging on to him, hopefully he turns it around and i can trade him high. I did have to make a trade cause Jordy was my Wr1, i now view him has a wr2 with upside.