Jordy for Murray/Mixon?

Hi guys,

I’m desperate for RB help (I have Kamara, Abdullah, Duke, Kelley and Buck Allen)

I lost Rodgers and my WR are M Thomas, Jordy, Keenan, Garcon and Marvin Jones

The guy I’m in discussions with has Murray or Mixon on the block. Should I pull the trigger?

Btw I’m in 5th place (top 4 make playoffs) and I’m only 1 game behind 3rd & 4th…

Murray rest of season as long as you don’t need a win this week…

If you need to win now go mixon…

Both will help

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That’s what I’m debating. I’m 1 game out and playing the 4th place team (who is involved in this trade). I like Murray’s schedule, particularly in the playoffs. The injuries also concern me a little as far as him actually making it to the playoffs

jordy for doug martin ?