Jordy/Freeman for Fournette and fill-in tight end?

I am at 4-5 and need a playoff push. I have Zach Ertz on bye this week and the waivers have bad tight ends available (except for Clay who was just picked up). I was wondering if I should try and trade Jordy and Freeman for Fournette and like Delanie Walker as the team I would try to trade with already has Jimmy Graham. I know Jordy’s value is bad right now, but do you think this is a decent trade and if not, how much more should I give up.

I don’t see how this trade would get accepted, but if he says no, try for just fournette. That upgrade alone will be huge for you, even if you have to stream a crappy tight end.

I’m not sure how much more you can afford to give up for fournette. I would have to see your roster.

Yea, I know it’s not the best trade, admittedly.

QB - Dak
RBs - Freeman, Kamara, Martin, Riddick, Crowell, McFadden, Woodhead (IR)
WRs - Nelson, Crabtree, K Allen, R Matthews
TEs - Ertz & I’m going to try and pickup Fleener

This is tough. I would try nelson&freeman for fournette. If he doesn’t bite, I would consider switching kamara out for freeman and then trying. But I would prefer to have kamara over freeman for sure.

I appreciate the advice. This other kid is 7-2 and knows his stuff