Jordy, Green, McCoy or Evans

Half PPR, 1st round, pick 7:
Jordy Nelson, AJ Green, Lesean McCoy, or Mike Evans? and why.

I’m also keeping Aaron Rodgers in the 4th

Definitely not Evans. I’d lean Green but only slightly. Buffalo is running out of weapons quickly and teams can stack the box. Jordy is older and there are a lot of mouths to feed there. You really can’t go wrong choosing between AJ, Shady, and Jordy.

Thanks bro

@Rob43 they stacked the box all of last year too so that point isnt valid whatsoever. He did just fine lol

With that said id go mccoy. A surefire Rb1 is valuable since Wr is much deeper this year. The td vulture in gillislee has left. Since your league is PPR, mccoy is a machine. Hes gonna catch 65+ catches and no ones better in space then him.

McCoy, Evans, Jordy, green would be my preference.

Green. Mr consistency.

The point being is that I’d prefer a box that isn’t stacked, lol. But that’s why I would give AJ the slightest edge.