JORDY LORDY! Can you answer this one question?

I see people writing off Jordy, yet they say Aaron could be back week 15. Isn’t it worth keeping Jordy if Aaron comes back he is a legit WR1 for the semi and championship run no?

If Aaron comes back it remains to be seen how effective he will be post injury. The general thought is if the packers are out of the playoff hunt why would they risk the franchise quarterback for a few meaningless games.


Agree with the above. Packers will be out of it so Rodgers won’t be back. I was done with Jordy weeks ago.

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That is fair. I suppose it is just frustrating to see a player like that wither away…Hundley blow.

I get it man. I’m a Broncos fan and we’ve been wasting DT & Sanders’ talent over the past 3 years with crappy QB play. Really sucks

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@casperhodi wow ya I see your point. Not to mention the 3 headed WORM :slight_smile: I hope the new OC goes to a workhorse back! #TyodToGBorDenver

@Inglorious_Packers you have no idea haha. I think CJ is the answer but we just can’t get our line together. I honestly think an elite line is more important than an Elite QB (besides Brady) just went on a huge rant about it today actually haha. I mean look at Prescott. I don’t think 2 games tell everything. But then there is Keenum doing it behind a good line and good defense. I think OL will get HUGE contracts in the offseason. And to end my rant I with I wish the Broncos could have sealed the deal for Joe Thomas 3 years ago… huge blunder under Elway in hindsight.

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HAHA I can see that point of view and I can totally feel you with me being a die hard packers fan lol…I have CJ and would love to see the new OC feed him!

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