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Jordy Nelson and Kareem Hunt for Bell and Watkins


Jordy Nelson and Kareem Hunt for Bell and Watkins. Half Point PPR


Hell no man


lol Here’s my team. I still shouldn’t make the deal?


Still wouldn’t. Kareem is going to be a top 10, maybe even top 5. The chiefs are really good this season. Jordy nelson is way better than watkins and has rodgers throwing him the ball.


Totally agree with the ^^^ above. Don’t give away a rb1 for a current rb2. Bell is top tier but he isnt playing well rn. and you dont have a good rb2 so hunt is carrying your rb core. and your stacked at wideout. i’d start aj this week let him blow up then trade him for a better rb2


I am a seller on Hunt in general, but this is too much.


Thanks homie! That makes sense; I’ll sit tight then.