Jordy Nelson Buy Low?

What exactly is Jordys value right now? Would you buy low for a guy like JuJu?

Do we think Jordy and Brett will figure it out?

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Jordy just has way to much talent to give up on imo

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I am in a similar predicament but considering getting rid of Jordy. its a 4 keeper league and do to league rules I will only be able to keep 1 out of Jordy, Julio and Shady next year. Considerring trying to flip Jordy for a draft pick next year.

I also have Tyreek Hill,Julio and TY hilton as WR so I dont really need Jordy with Rodgers gone.

Jordy will be very valuable next year.

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I’m not personally in a keeper league so how do you feel about a Jordy for JuJu trade this year?

I wouldn’t… but that’s considering my roster. I won’t play Jordy this week just to be sure but if he and Hudley get into a rhythm he could be back at WR1 again and juju could come back down to earth especially if the Steelers feel compelled to included Bryant into their offense now.

I’m afraid it’s over for Jordy this season. But you have to hold onto him, I believe if anyone on that offense gets going it will be Jordy.

Package Jordy with another player and you could get decent return in a trade.

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I’m thinking about packaging Jordy with McKinnon to get AB. I feel like it’s over for Jordy, but I’m having a hard time with it.