Jordy Nelson for Demaryius Thomas + Thielen?

Should i do it? I have jordy…

I think that’s a fair offer for surE. DT has been so consistent it’s crazy and theilen has upside. Think about where jordy would get drafted if it happened today… probably more as a wr2 without knowing how Hundley will play.

I would not. With Rogers out who knows what Jordy will do the rest of the season!

I don’t mind that trade both receivers have good upside :+1:t2:

I would rather Thielen. Oh wait AND DEMARYIUS THOMAS. Yea not even a question. See ya jordy :wave:t2:

Yeahh but DT now has to deal with Brock Osweiler… it’s pretty much a 1 for 1 trade between Jordy and DT bc of their QB situation, but Thielen is the deal breaker for me. I would take that trade as well.

I would run and accept that trade ASAP. DT has had success with Brock before and Hunley doesn’t look good at all. plus you are getting Thielen who is a nice piece.

Do this deal in a heartbeat. Then try and flip DT.