Jordy Nelson for Doug Baldwin

I am the Jordy Nelson owner and someone is offering me Doug Baldwin for him, normally I would take that in a heartbeat, but with Baldwin’s injury and Seattle’s abysmal offense, I’m not sure, opinions? Thought about countering with Nelson for Cooper Kupp, would like thoughts on that as well!

Not only saying this because I’m a raider fan but being that I closely watch this team. Also being the I DROPPED Jordy then picked him back up because of his production. Derek Carr is finding his recievers more as they build more chemistry. Him and Jordy will be lighting it up for the rest of the year this year. His touchdown ratio will go way up as Carr looks to him as a more secure veteran target

Yes it would be better to have Doug Baldwin. Losing Earl Thomas is going to destroy their defense and they will be playing a ton of catch up ROS. Baldwin looked good last week and you’re never going to feel great about starting Jordy.