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Jordy nelson or Marvin jones


My opponent had devante adams I have have stafford and either jordy or marvin jones, I’m down 18 points right now. Please help


PPR? Or Standard?


.5 ppr 12 team league i’m worried about if hundley can get jordy the ball like rodgers used to


I’d roll with Jones he was hot before the bye hopefully he gets a TD


My only worry with him is that tate might be finally healthy and that’ll ruin the volume but then again hundley isn’t good enough to get the ball to jordy


I honestly feel like Jordy could have a good game coming off a bye


Tate played and was healthy last week and Jones still had 11 targets


It’s tough, but coming off a bye I would tend to slightly lean Jordy. Very tough call though


Its tough. Jordy is the number one but the Lions Defense has been legit this year. I feel like Jordy is more likely to get you the higher points but Jones has a safer floor with Hundley out there.


This shouldn’t be a tough call at all. You roll with Jones Jr.

Until Jordy and Hudley prove otherwise Jordy cannot be trusted right now at all.

Jones Jr is actually out targeting Tate and even more so in the end zone.

Expect a big day from Jones Jr imo


Jones with a touchdown already!! Glad I started him thanks for the replies fellas


You’re welcome! Hope you win!


You’re welcome! Glad you won!