Jordy Nelson Trade Value

What is jordy Nelson’s trade value now that Aaron Rodger’s is out? Would you trade him or hold onto him.

I am in a PPR redraft league with the following WR’s:
Brandon Cooks
Devin Funchess
Jordy Nelson

Not much depth there so I was wondering if I should trade him or not.

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Well I think you need to decide on what you’re trying to receive in return. What are you in need of?

Cooks is a surefire start every week. Jordy used to be but only got me 2 points this week and now he is on bye. I will 100% win this week (due to the one player in the league that doesn’t play) so I am not too worried about the bye.

I am just worried about not having a solid WR2 week to week.

At RB I have:

So I don’t need any more RB depth.

Funny, I’m on the other side of that. I’m trying to target Nelson. Been scrambling for a solid WR1 all season. Had Hilton and Alshon as top picks but they’re not really panning out. Also have Keenan Allen and Thielen. How bout this, what would be of value to you? I’m trying to package Alshon and Brate to the Jordy day owner. Say you needed a TE would that be enough? What if I threw in D. Watson?

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Depends on the team you are going for. If he needs a TE and is panicking at WR you can get him cheap. I am going back and fourth on him. I do not want to let him go but was wondering his value going forward.

I personally have Ertz and Brate and they both have really high trade value. What does his team look like?

Rudolph at TE, Bell for RB with C. Thompson. Baldwin, Landry, Mathews, Jones ahem Tyrelle Pryor the dumpster fire.