Jordy Nelson Value?

A team is done with Jordy Nelson. Rank these guys “rest of season” value as I could probably do a simple swap:

Demaryous Thomas
Jordy Nelson
Will Fuller
Adam Thielen
Amari Cooper

I would love to have his upside as my other WRs are Hopkins, Dez and Agholor

ROS best to worst
Thomas or Nelson

Disclosure I’m also done with Nelson so I had a grain of salt for that.

In fact, I just offered a trade straight across Jordi for Sterling Shepard.

I’m sure Hunley will improve at least somewhat but I don’t have time to wait and see.

Best of luck

Jordy’s opponents in wk 13 and 14 (fantasy playoffs for most leagues) are TB and CLE. He also faces DET and CHI in the next couple of weeks. If you have room for him, it might be worth it.