Jordy Trade

Half PPR… I was offered Tevin Coleman for Jordy… well the full trade was Keenan Allen and Coleman for Doug Martin and Jordy… Obviously he’s trying tp poach Jordy on the cheap… and honestly I actually don’t hate it… thing is I can’t afford to “wait and see” on Jordy… and if Rodgers doesn’t return I think it’s safe to say I’d be better off streaming than locking Jordy in during playoffs and idk that there will be a single time rest of season I want to start him… idk I want to slap myself every time I consider it… talk some sense into me?

Depending on your depth at running back that might be a good time to buy low on K. Allen. As of Coleman he is no more than a flex option at this point.

My RBs: Hunt, Howard, Martin, TyMont, Dion, and Smallwood
My WRs: Jordy (puke), DT, poop, garbage, used tampon…

My Dilemma: Week 9 is Howard’s bye but it’s also Lewis’ bye and Smallwood has Denver… Week 10 is Hunt’s bye… but it’s also Smallwood’s bye, and Lewis has Denver… idk how I got into a situation like this lol. We were talking Martin for Allen bc he needs a RB and I’m trying to buy low on Allen… but I give up Martin during those byes and it fucks me at RB during those important divisional weeks… so I was trying to poach Abdulla as well for like Lewis but he wasn’t having it… so then he offered the Jordy trade and at first I thought “ew gtfoh.” But after thinking about it… Allen has far more value than Jordy rest of season even if Hundley gets his shit together… even if Rodgers comes back week 15 (gotta make it there first) do I trust Jordy immediately? Then MIN week 16 anyway… Allen has a cake RoS schedule and a good playoff schedule imo as well… Martin is good but it’s still a very small sample… and he has CAR this week so it could be a poor performance…

bump for luck