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Jordy vs. Devonta Round 1


I’m in a 10 team, standard scoring, 2 keeper league. I’m already keeping Ajayi and OBJ. I have the choice of taking Devonta Freeman or Jordy Nelson in the first round.

Basically my two options for RBs and WRs are:

Jordy, OBJ, Ajayi, and Crowell
Devonta, Ajayi, OBJ, and Dez/D-Thomas.

Right now I lean more towards taking Jordy to pair him with OBJ. Thoughts?


I lean the other way. Dez’s value goes up in standard scoring. I’m also not sold on Ajayi so I’d want Freeman.


I think for standard scoring I lean Devonta/Ajayi, OBJ and Dez myself.

If it was PPR I would lean the other way but for this format I go with the above. Honestly either way it’s not a bad choice. That’s still a very solid core group of players.


I lean Freeman, like the others, but in any format.


Freeman, but I’m not happy about it.

Jordy is great and all, but he is still older than you expect. Eventually, his production will dip and Adams will get more targets. That’s not a good position to be in.

If anything, if you get Jordy, package him in a deal to get another position player who has some longevity.