Jordy vs Michael

In a 2 keeper (3 WR, 1FLX) standard league, have david Johnson and Zeke as my keepers due to great drafting last year. Recently traded a 2nd, 3rd and 8th round pick in the draft for Jordan Howard. Picking at the 5th spot in the first round this year, likely to have a choice of Michael Thomas and Jordy Nelson. Who shall it be? Thanks foot clan!

I’m confused how you’re keeping Howard if it’s only a 2-keeper league, but to answer your more pressing question, I would probably go with Jordy Nelson because he has the higher ceiling due to touchdowns. However, if you’re looking for a long-term keeper, Thomas might be one of the best young options at WR.

Hope that helps!

We allow pre draft trades in which u can trade picks for player, spices up the draft and helps people rebuild

ahh, ok! That’s a pretty interesting idea. I might need to add that into my keeper league.

Ya! After we have established draft position, each owner is to treat his keepers/picks as a pool of assets. Doesn’t matter what u do with them at that point, u can enter the draft with 0 players or you can enter it with 4. Your choice. Makes the summer way more fun.

Since its a 2 keeper and you already have three damn good Rbs, you will need that boost you will get feom jordy. Thomas is a great option no doubt, but when it comes to your first pick yoy want safety. Thomas has a floor that can go pretty damn low. Just because sophomore slump, paired with being the number 1 wr on a team that seems like it wants to run more. His ceiling is super high, but eith jordy you know what you get. 1200 yards, 90 receptions, 12 Tds. Somewhere around there. Take your sure bet.

Thanks! That’s a great answer. I think jordy will infact be the choice, also might try flipping Howard for a stud WR so i don’t end up with poor receiver depth since I have a lack of middle round picks.

It’s Jordy Nelson and it’s not even close. As long as Jordy is healthy he’s guaranteed to have double digit touchdowns and over 1,000 yards. I like Thomas a lot, but not for a first round pick.

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