Jordy...why. What in the world do I do with him? Trade Talk

Brett Hundley…ewe…what should Packers wide receiver owners do? Especially with Jordy? It seems like he’s just going to be a touchdown lottery. What do you think?

It’s a difficult situation. I’m 3-4 right now, with some bad luck, but my WR’s are Jordy, Dez, and Demaryius. RB’s are McCoy and Kamara. QB’s are Cousins and Winston. TE is streaming. Some handcuffs on my bench: Breida, Mack, Smallwood, Dion Lewis plus WR’s Amendola and Ginn.

.5 PPR 10 team league

I would love to try to package trade Jordy for an elite player to bring some more “consistent upside” to my lineup, since guys like DT and Kamara are never going to have crazy weeks.

Which guys would be reasonable package trade targets? Green? Evans? Gordon? Freeman? Maybe even guys like Hopkins, Tyreek Hill? Who would be the best value the RoS?

Best of luck this week!

Eh, I’d keep him for now. You’ve got a good WR corp besides him. Wait a couple weeks and see if Hundley hits his stride. He’s on bye right now, so hopefully he’ll be practicing with the starters and improving with them.

Yeah I’ve been inquiring with guys about Jordy, doesn’t seem to be the level of interest needed to make a trade that I could actually do it for an elite player. I might be in a keep at this point

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