Josh Adams or Ito Smith

Who is the better stash ROS. Standard scoring, i have Ito right now but given how poor the Falcons are at running the ball and with Coleman in the way is Adams a better upside lottery ticket here to have a shot a being a starter or Eagles version of a RB starter - leader in the timeshare with goaline?

Both have equally tough schedules to be honest against tough run defenses basically ROS, but Eagles have a much better O line and like to run more than the Falcons do…

I would keep ito I thing the falcons will start winning and then they will run the ball to run out the clock so he will get more touches

Yeah i see that side too, i still think they’ll struggle to run the ball but it’s a two headed monster there rather than Adams/Clement/Smallwood/Sproles in Philly i guess. Might see if i can stash both someway just to give Adams a look, the main Philly RB is valuable in fantasy after all

I always thing stashing RBS can never back fire as if they are a RB 2/3 they can go either way. What’s you w/L record this year?

I’m 6-2 also standard league, second in the league 3rd in points for so going well. Roster is pretty stacked due to beating the curve with a lot of injuries and underperforming studs with trading them away so I’m loaded at all position now. Week 10, 11 and 12 i play all the top teams and should get at least 1 win maybe 2 all three could be tough. Gurley team is in there next week.

My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Ito,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Allen,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Jags & Dallas stream for week 9

I’m toying with grabbing the Jets DST here so i block my week 10 opponent from using them against me, he has Gurley and i could do without dealing with Gurley putting up 28 points and the Jets having 15 or more against the Bills!

I’m torn with dropping the Jags, i traded the Ravens for them last week (went well) because they have a nice schedule down the road all the way in but the more i see them and watch the Colts i don’t know if i want to start the Jags vs the Colts in week 10 or 13 and against the Steelers in week 11 so they’re a bench hold now and seems a waste. But if Fournette gets back and they can slow the game down and stop giving up great field position i don’t want to drop a D that could become almost matchup proof again

I’m contemplating Who to drop to grab the jags for that late schedule. I have the bears so it would be a luxury hold for both but hey I’ve got a good roster so why not. Now about Adams or Ito. It’s a tough call because Ito smith plays a pretty solid role on the team. His last outing wasn’t very good, but Tevin Coleman has also been lacking and we (falcons fan here) just lost another guard. Now playing with two backups at the guard position. The eagles o line is great but you have to deal with both Smallwood and Clement. If it were ppr I’d go with Ito, but I think it being standard that allows Adams to have a higher floor. So while I’d like to just say Adams, it’s almost like flipping a three sided coin vs flipping a two sided coin for a touchdown. Luckily, you have guys in front you hopefully never have to play either Ito or Adams. Your depth is actually so good, your strategy to hold the jets d would be worth imploring. Or even to roster a higher upside guy than Ito. Malcom Brown? Spencer ware? Maybe even mark whaltonburger behind mixon.

This is my concern with Ito and that Falcons O line and unless he has a good game this week which is 50/50 based on who gets the TD if there is one for the RBs i could probably get him back - will drop the Cowboys of course after this week.

The Jags i would like to just see what they are with (hopefully) Fournette back and a less turnover happy offense but Colts and Pittsburgh are not offenses to target at the moment so i could hold the jags and stream the Jets next week and stream either the Colts or Cards in week 11 then the Jags schedule opens up for them defensively - i also wont be playing the top teams after that so i’d be happy to use them. Denver are also out there who are extremely appealing in the playoff stretch and could platoon them with the Lions for back to back to back Raiders, Cleveland and Raiders games i think which is money.

I see the argument for Adams and Ito it’s a tough call and as you say i have managed to compile solid depth. also if Gordon sits (please god know) i may have to pivot which ruins my plans