Josh Allen or Cam Newton

If you would have asked me this question at the beginning of the year, I would’ve laughed. Heck if you would have asked me last week I would have laughed at you. BUT here we are. So should I go with Josh Allen vs Detroit or Cam Newton vs New Orleans.

P.S. I am a Panthers fan so this really pains me to even be considering this, but I am in the championship so I need to make the best decisions now and with Cam struggling as of late and his shoulder seemingly getting worse I am worried about starting him for this game.

Cam at home is significantly better than cam on the road.

The key is how hurt cam is and if NO D shows up to play which they seem to be doing as of late.

I think Allen may have a safer floor given how much he runs but cam still has a higher ceiling to me.

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Allen or Lamar?

I’m honestly leaning towards Cam and would need to be convinced to go with Allen. Allen is hot right now, but isn’t proven. Cam is in a slump right now, but is proven as a high point scorer for fantasy.

Lamar because they’re playing the Bucs. But that brings up another point, Ziggy Ansah is out for the Lions so that could add to Allen’s rushing ability.

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I personally prefer Allen to Lamar. He’s is what everyone in fantasy wished lamar was.

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I’m having a really hard time with this, what about Dak vs Allen?

I will say, I am going to the game in Indy so I have interest in playing Dak because I get to watch in person, BUT this is the semi final so I also have a brain to use …

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I would go with Dak. Their offense is on a roll with Zeke and Cooper. Dak can also add the rushing aspect as well. I think he may be the safest play, Allen probably has a higher ceiling.

Dak on the road has been pretty awful. And Indy D is actually pretty solid. Even Watson who was at home was pretty much shut down for most of the game and watson is a superior QB to dak.

Personally I’m playing Allen with the better matchup but that’s a close one cause Cooper is the X factor and can take any short pass to the house.

I see what you’re saying but since the Amari trade they have only two road games, he threw for 270 yds and TD + a rushing TD in one and then had 200 yards and another rushing TD in the other.

I’m more inclined to think the Indy D shuts him down than that he is bad, but if he has another 20 point week then Dak on the road is no longer bad

I am in the same Cam vs. Josh Allen predicament.

I want to play Cam, but my fear is that he takes one big hit and they pull him, basically guaranteeing me a fantasy loss.

Are the panthers out or just in a must win scenario?

They are on the cusp, but if they lose this game they are out.

So hypothetically, if the game doesn’t look like its going their way and then Cam gets hit hard, they pull the plug on Cam (and essentially the season).

I think that he will play through this game, but due to avoiding hits he might be pretty bad… go with Allen there seems to be a consensus that hes the man this week