Josh Allen or Dion Lewis?

Should i drop Dion Lewis or Josh Reynolds for Josh Allen for my qb 3 to be safe?
qbs are russ and cam
rbs are ajones, david johnson, kerryon, ware, and samuels
wrs are k allen, j gordon, m thomas, and robert woods

other qbs on waiver are Tannehill, driskel, sanchez, rosen, kessler, and darnold

Is it a 2 QB league? If not, look at matchups and figure out which of the 3 QBs you plan to use this week, week 15, and week 16. Whichever 2 guys pair up the best (based on matchups) keep those 2 and Lewis.

yes 2qb league and cam is questionable every week. i already pulled the trigger, dropped dion for josh allen. gross