Josh Allen or Kirk Cousins this week

My gut tells me Eagles are gonna bounce back and give Allen some trouble (maybe i’m being a homer).

But in order to play Cousins, i’d have to drop a player - i like my bench and i really don’t want to :expressionless:

Who’s on your bench? I think Allen will do just fine, his ability to run the ball give him more ceiling, but I’ll prefer Cousins he’s been on fire.

Tyler Boyd
Terry McLaurin
Mattison (handcuff)
Jordan Howard
Jets D (for next week vs. MIA)

You’re right. Go with Allen.

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In the same dilemma. Thinking about dropping Josh Allen or Jameis Winston for Kirk Cousins due to my opponent having Deshaun Watson this week against the raiders. I need a boom play and I don’t think Josh Allen vs the eagles will give me that.

Depending on your league, dropping Josh Allen might be dangerous. I like him after this week. Now i’m actually leaning to dropping Mattison for Matthew Stafford (over Kirk Cousins). I’m worried about the game script going run heavy for Minnesota. Implied team scores are similar for Detriot and Minnesota this week (both are better than Buffalo’s) but Giant’s have a better offense and they might be able to keep Detriot needing to pass.

Good point. Sadly, in the league that I am in Stafford is no longer an option. So it is either keep Josh Allen for a potential rainy stadium or pick up Cousins in place of him.

Tough decision. There is no one else you can drop?