Josh allen or kyle Allen Ros

Which would you prefer to have rest of season or well at least till Brees is back…

Josh Allen. Kyle Allen had a good week, but it was 1 good week against an awful defense. Josh has been a good fantasy QB since the last half of last year, he also has a great floor because of his rushing ability.


Agreed, I was thinking the same but also was looking for the double dip option of having him throw tds to my players but I have been happy with josh allen so far this year, thought about grabbing jones but I can’t tell if jones was actually a stud or the fact that Tampa had no gameplay for him / footage I’ll be interested to see what he does in two weeks against minesota

I’d take Josh Allen. He’s a legit threat through the air and on the ground. It may not look pretty, but he puts up consistent fantasy numbers. Also, that defense (pass rush) will give him more short field opportunities.

Going with Allen in this situation is a safe bet :rofl::joy:

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lol… dang…that was unintentionally the most ambigously worthless post ever.