Josh Allen, or stream?

So I went late on my quarterback, as one does, and got Josh Allen, but I’m not psyched about starting him against the Patriots defense. I’m going back and forth between Matthew Stafford (home against the Chiefs) or Case Keenum (I seriously doubt that even on the road, the Giants defense will be enough to get him benched). I can’t settle on one over the other. What do y’all think?

Allen can and will pick up rushing yards and if they get in the red zone there’s a good chance he makes a play for a rushing TD, none the less I don’t feel like it’s going to be a great week for him. Keenum and Stafford both have better matchups, KC’s defense proved more competent than expected against Lamar Jackson last week, so as gross as it might be, I think I might lean Keenum this once.

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