Josh Allen (vsNE) - or pickup KyleAllen or Andy Dalton?

Hi All!

I drafted Cam who’s on my IR. Picked up Josh Allen earlier this year but he’s got a real bad matchup (vs NE).

Kyle Allen (atHOU) or Andy Dalton (atPIT) are available on the WW - are either of these better options at QB for this week? Maybe even a 2-3 week thing as Josh Allen plays BAL next week and is then on Bye in Week 6. A Dalton plays ARI in Week 5 / K Allen plays JAC (ugh?) - and then in Week 6 when Josh Allen is on bye, K Allen plays TB while Dalton plays in a tough match up at BAL.

So should I stick with Josh Allen for Week 4 and 5 - or pick up either Kyle Allen or Andy Dalton for this week or the near future?

If I was to pickup K Allen or Dalton, I would have to drop one of: Lat Murray / R Penny / Malcolm Brown or Mostert.

Thanks for your input folks!