Josh Gordon and Burton for Kelce?

Do I pull trade?

My WR are Cole, Hogan, Godwin, Sutton, Snead.
Starting RB are Howard and Lynch.
QB is Watson.

Team is hurting. 0-2. Lev and Mixon on bench. Conner was drafted ahead of me and I got outbid for Gio.

12 team PPR. Redraft.

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That’s so tough for me. While I do think Kelce is a step up from Burton, how much of a step up is he? Gordon is such an unknown right now with him being possibly a huge TD threat in an elite offense with a line of something like 65-70 1000 10 being possible. The other possibility for Gordon is that he can’t learn the offense and gain Brady’s trust or gets suspended again and then you pretty much get a goose egg out of him. I would be looking to trade Lynch coming off of 2 games with a TD. He isn’t getting targets right now in that offense either. I would try to find the owner in the league that is high on Gordon and try to trade up for a stud RB or WR personally. There is always that guy that buys into Gordon, but if you get a good return and he does well then you won’t feel as bad as if he does great and you traded him and Burton for a TE that is a little higher than Burton.

I don’t know that I would do that simply because you may need Gordon badly if he pans out. Kelce is more than just a small step above Burton though IMO

if this was for ertz or gronk ide say go for it. josh gordon is going to be about as good as kelce though. try and flip gordon for a rb, or flip hogan for a rb. you could try to grab fournette on the cheap because of the injury theres rbs that you could target as well if you need depth there. burton is high risk high reward though trubisky just doesnt move the needle for me. i just dont think kelce is the guy for this trade.

Kelce & Ertz are close IMO but you make it sound like Ertz is clearly above Kelce. If I had to choose between the two, I would take Kelce. And that’s coming from someone who has had Ertz on my team for the past 3 seasons

This is tough because your WRs are so thin. On the one hand Gordon could be great, on the other hand he could fail to learn the offense, and then get cut from the patriots roster like every other WR they’ve signed so far. I think the second option there is less likely because they traded for him, but they did also put a clause into the trade where they get a 7th rounder back if Gordon isn’t active for at least 10 games so they really didn’t invest much into him. I would probably try and add a low end WR2 to this if you can to keep you from getting too thin at WR but I would probably do it.

My thinking is right now you need the production. Trubiski worries me and Gordon isn’t likely to produce for atleast another week. The uncertainty on Gordon definitely factors in though. If your one to gamble that Gordon is going to produce soon in the patriots offense then I wouldn’t take it. Kelce is the safe route here, and even then he’ll have some complete bust weeks like last week. I think he goosed you twice last year (could be wrong I’m going off memory.)

How much did you bid for Gio? As a mixon owner and someone who needs RBs and 0-2, I would’ve put in a 40%+ bid to secure it.

Kelce side of that trade is definitely worth it. Not sure if that brings enough change to the squad unfortunately. But you should probably take it.

I’d definitely take the Kelce side by a wide margin.

Gio bid was 37. Dude put in 42.

@MikeMeUpp @philgruneich Gordon & Burton for Kelce? Should I ask for a throwin or is that enough?

I think Kelce is enough.