Josh Gordon FAAB spend

Hi Guys how much would you spend to pick up Josh Gordon now he is at the PATs.

With all the Gordon hype plus the additional “oh snap, he went to the Patriots!” layer of hype, I don’t think you have a shot at landing him for anything less than 60%. I’m thinking 75 though because WRs are going nuts right now and the prospect of landing a potential WR1 catching passes from Brady will have bidders in frenzy mode this week.

I would spend everything I have to get him. Guys like that don’t show up on waivers. It’s super high risk but also super high reward More than happy to take a swing.

Do i risk it with Keenan allen, Stephon Diggs , Keelan Cole, Baldwin, Kupp

I dont have a dominate RB2 so i would rather wait on that maybe idk its hard to say.

Yes, I’m risking it. You can always trade after. Gordon doesn’t belong on the waivers lol. That’s a possible WR2 with a WR1 upside.

Imagine passing on moss-light because you didn’t want to spend te faab. Fantasy rewards the bold, if you hit, that’s league winning