Josh Gordon Fiasco

Alright, I know I’m not alone out there, so no self pity here. Just curious on what I should do in my flex now that Gordon is down this weekend. Gordon was my WR2 so I was going to flex Amari Cooper. Now I don’t want Cooper in my lineup at all. Need to replace him with a safer option. I have put Ryan Grant in the WR3 slot behind Mike Evans and Cooper Kupp. Flex options would be Ekeler (leaning this way due to the odds of the game getting out of reach for the Bills), Godwin, Cooper or Brandon Marshall. I just feel like I need to swing for the fences with Ekeler since I’m an underdog now… Can’t get my head straight on this one…thanks footclan.

People here thought I was crazy before the season began due to my stance on Ekeler. I’m worried for Gordon owners because of him. He will bite into his carries on a weekly basis. He even accomplished this last week when they were behind, he was in on 27% of the offensive snap counts.

Can you imagine what will happen if it’s a blowout?

I totally get your hesitation with Cooper. Just a little tidbit-- he posted 3 catches for 18 yards in both games combined against Denver last year. If you thought Carr had happy feet last week just wait till Von Miller lines up.

If you didn’t go Ekeler (you should), my other choice would be Godwin. I would like Godwin better though if Wentz was playing for the other team. If this ends up being a tight race I fear Godwin’s numbers may not be that good. Tampa’s defense is horrendous though, but so is Foles so far…

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As the Gordon owner I think there’s enough to go around. They also get both on the field together. But I agree with you about Ekeler being a good play most weeks.

Troubling thing with Cooper is the week you sit him is the week he blows up… now the match up does not favor Cooper and I’d hate to get burned playing him and having him post up a stinker but he’s your ceiling guy… I’d look at your match up and see if your opponent is playing boom or bust guys… if it seems like there could be a boom or bust play and could wash out with Cooper then start him.

It would be dependent on if I need to have a big game (are you playing a juggernaut?). If so then I will go with the upside of Chris Godwin (especially if DJAX is down). The safe floor for me would be Ekeler as Buck Allen had a field day against the Bills.

The only reason why he was in that much of snaps, was BECAUSE they were heavily behind. I personally am not betting on Chargers to “blowout” teams that often to the point where they bench Gordon.

I would personally flex Cooper still but if you want to play it safer, I’d go with Godwin.

Things just got a lot more weird. It was announced he was being cut but he’s a vested veteran so that would immediately make him a free agent. Now Browns are saying they are wanting to trade him and several teams have reportedly called.

What does this matter if he is gone again?

He just got dropped in my league. Worth grabbing to see if some team picks him up?

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Pick him up. Per Rappaport, it was not drug related. He lied about showing up to meeting late / injury or something. Any team he lands on would be better than browns.

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Except maybe the Bills…

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I want to see this man in Indy blue so bad right now lol. 12 throwing him the ball would be amazing!

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Anyone seen anymore info on this situation?

Nothing yet. Probably not a lot more detail until Monday. Tomorrow will be loaded speculation (3rd strike with missed meeting/lie, failed random drug test, etc).

He’ll probably go to the Pats…

It was reported non-substance related, but there have been rumors.


That’s what Ive been hearings well. For his sake I hope so. Am I right in thinking he is banned by the league if he tests positive (ala Blackmon)?

If he is found to have tested positive, he’s done. Would be his last strike.

"The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns had concerns Josh Gordon was “struggling with his sobriety or on the verge of relapsing.”

what a weird thing to say.

He either wanted out of the browns or self imploded and will be done done

The smear campaign ensues…

It was announced from the start that he was late and ‘acting strange’.

strange to Huge Jackson could be he smiled a lot and was listening to classical music


He may have closed the door to Hugh’s office after being told to leave it open.