Josh Gordon for Fournette?

Good trade to take? My WRs are M Thomas, Green, and Evans if I traded Gordon.

My RBs are Gurley, Conner, Michel, K Johnson, and Cohen. I feel like it could only help if Fournette gets healthy.

Any advice appreciated! Trying to get a trade done today if it works out.

In a second. Accept that yesterday IMO

Yeah I would take that too.

Is it a good trade? aboslutely.

Is it a good trade FOR YOU? i’m not so sure, because with Gordon gone your extremely thin at WR, where even with losing Conner to Bell next week you still can slide Michele into that RB2 slot and have backups in kerryon and cohen.

Either way, i don’t fault you for going either way, but if i had your roster i wouldn’t

You could also see what the bell owner will give you for Conner. Might be able to get a WR on Gordon’s level.

Yeah the Bell owner doesn’t want Conner. He’s 1-4 (last in my league) but won’t give me anywhere near Gordon’s level unfortunately. He’s stubborn lol.
That’s the only reason I’ve chosen to ride Conner out for wins.

Yeah I’d do it. Gordon has great upside but about as many question marks as any player in the league. you’ll be a bit thin at receiver (although with arguably 3 WR1’s, not a terrible situation) but when push comes to shove it’s a much easier position to dart throw with than RB