Josh Gordon for Ingram?

I’m sending Gordon and receiving Ingram. What do you think? Yes or no?

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Yes, no brainer for me


If you need RB Help then I would. His suspension is up after this week and I am not sure when you will feel comfortable starting Gordon.

I like this trade for you. I see the upside with Gordon but think it’s very likely he busts in NE.

Great trade. Gordon has too much risk while Ingram is a safe low end RB1 in my eyes

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Accept it before its too late

I’ve got Evans, M Thomas, and Green for my other receivers. I have more RBs but only a few are elite. Gurley, Conner, Michel, Ajayi, Johnson are my RBs. It would take from my WR depth but would ensure I survive bye weeks potentially.

Yeah I’m 100% for this regardless of your team.

How in the world did you get Gurley, Thomas, AJ Green, and Mike Evans?
Was it through the draft, or did you acquire a few through trades?

And which RB Johnson are you referring to? If you say David Johnson that would be nuts…
I am assuming it is Duke or Kerryon Johnson though…

To answer you question though…
You are set at WR, so if you can trade Gordon and get Ingram then do it…

Yeah I got Gurley, Green, and Thomas through the draft. 10-man and Green and Thomas fell to me somehow. Evans was dropped before week 1 by a team that zero faith in him so naturally I picked him up lol. Good thing I’m always checking activity. It is Kerryon Johnson as well.
I did have an offer for Evans or Green and an RB for David Johnson. Idk if that’s worth it though being as bad as AZ is.