Josh Gordon for James Conner?

FootClan I need your help more than ever! The James Conner owner wants Gordon from me but I’m torn. I believe that Conner will be more valuable than most people think despite the “possibility” of Bell coming back. But I know Gordon is trending up and when the chemistry inevitably develops between he and Brady, there will be fire works. But I value RBs more than WRs as it seems that there is always a startable WR on the waivers.

RBs: Saquon, Kerryon, Ito, Howard, ekeler, smallwoood, buck Allen
WRs: Diggs, John Brown, Gordon, Marvin Jones, Fuller

Help me FootClan…you’re my only hope…

In the best case scenario, I think you’re looking at 2-3 weeks more of production from conner versus 9 weeks from Gordon.

Unless you’re like 1-5 or 2-4 and really need to try and buy a couple wins with Conner, I’m probably not trying him for Gordon.

And that’s the best case. Worst case, Bell shows up and Conner becomes a low end TD or bust flex play at best. I don’t see a 60/40 scenario. Maybe a 80/20.

Let’s say is 80/20 with Conner getting 80…would you do the trade then?

lol? There is no scenario where Conner gets 80. Obviously if you have a starting steelers RB, I would rather have that than Gordon.

Hold tight to Gordon. This Patriot offense is about to take off, Gordon needed about 2-3 weeks to get the playbook down and he is right on schedule. Gordon and Edlemen dominated the snap count last game as patterson and dorsett faded into the backround and Hogan who was seeing 90% dropped to like 60%.

I think Gordon is about to have a monster 2nd half of the season and will be putting up low-end WR1 numbers with a high floor especially if hes catching those slants and screens pair that with his deepball ability and Brady/Belichik. Keep Gordon and start him.

What’s your opinion of Conner?

Lol you laugh but I have a feeling that Conner has a solid role in that offense that I don’t see changing. Bell is amazing but I have a feeling he’s not going to just show up and dominate from the jump.

I never said he’s going to show up and dominate from the jump. Bell will probably be rusty like he always is for first 1-2 weeks. But long term, suggesting conner would lead snaps 80/20 is just laughable. Once bell is fully in there, Conner is likely going to go back to the bench. Bell is a generational talent at RB, Conner is a pretty damn good RB, but not even close to what Bell can do on the field. Fantasy production wise, sure they’re close. But if you understand real football, then you would know why bell is so much more valuable to have on the field in terms of the matchup and defensive scheming nightmares he creates for the other team. Bell is the best player on their roster, you think they are going to pay him $900K a week to take 20% of the snaps? That’s a joke.