Josh Gordon for week 1

So I’m sure that I’m just one of many people who are wondering if they should start Josh Gordon week one. He was drafted (I assume this is pretty standard) as my WR2, but I feel a little uneasy about starting him. It’s full point ppr and good RB’s kept falling to me, so I’m a little thin at WR and I’m considering Corey Davis or Jamison Crowder over him. What are other people doing this week?

I’m in almost the exact same boat! Gordon is my WR2, i have Corey Davis, Kenny Stills and Geronimo Allison as my bench guys right now. Posted a similar question the other day and feedback was Davis for week 1 vs MIA and see what you have in Gordon.

I don’t mind it, i worry that Davis will see a lot of X.Howard who is legit and could hold him to low catch/yards and part of me thinks just roll Gordon out and see what happens. You can’t with a straight face say the Browns will hold the Steelers to under 14 points and not need to air it out a bit to beat them, week 1, at home, to the division rival, starting their ‘rebuild’ and they need there best playmaker surely to do that?

I’m torn between Gordon and Davis right now. Depends a little on your team and match up, my team is fairly solid but my opponent is pretty strong so not sure i could cope with a down game from Gordon, equally his upside could get the win for me if you can take the boom/bust or need a big upside guy to get the win i’d leave him in and hope.

I also have Gordon and am scared to start him. I feel like the browns will want him against their rival Steelers in the season opener… but idk. I have Cobb, Cole, and Crowder in addition to diggs and gordon.

I am thinking its Cole, Crowder, diggs

Man that’s a tricky three, Cole has Bortles throwing and we still 100% know if he will be the top target plus against NYG with their D how much will they need to throw? Crowder, good offseason reports about chemistry with Smith but we’ve not seen it for real and if Reed plays that could affect his targets, Diggs gets the SF defense but again who will Cousins favour and how much will they air it out. I think Cole is potentially the safer option but personally i’d play Diggs i think they make a statement with Kirk against SF in the first game and go after them early and look to put up points

I’m playing cole and diggs in my WR slots and crowder as my flex. Sitting Gordon. That was what i came here to say. Lol

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Another option that I have is Manny Sanders. My week 1 opponent has Lev Bell, so it’s looking like my matchup, and therefore my decision, may be getting a little easier. If Bell sits, so does Gordon.

Like sanders as an option a lot. Would probably go there

Ah with you now haha