Josh Gordon if or if not ab plays

Do you play miles sanders, Robby Anderson, courtland sutton, chris Thomson, T.J hockerson or Adrian Peterson over josh Gordon if ab plays? Or what are you guys thinking? This is for flex pos, full point Ppr.

I say flex go Josh Gordon. Good luck!

Even if Antonio brown plays?

Hockerson. I think the Pats are going to run a bunch

Yeah I can see that happening. It’s hard to put any faith in the patriots because they seem to do the complete opposite of what they’re expected to. I was kinda leaning sanders considering he was sooo close to two touchdowns last week and I feel like they are going to want to get him his first nfl touchdown.

But if hockerson is anything close to what he was last week he’s a must start

I can’t see AB playing a bunch, he will be somewhat limited. My opinion for a flex play is go for upside and Gordon fits the bill. Sanders is #2.

Yeah. That makes sense. Ughh hard times. Thanks dude I appreciate you.

I play josh Gordon even if AB plays, Tom Brady is going to be throwing a ton, AB has to learn more of the offense before he is just a full go but that’s just my opinion