Josh Gordon on Waiver Wire

My league is crazy. I added Evan Engram for $35 FAAB last week. Now, Josh Gordon was just put on waivers and I’m wondering how much to spend on him. I have $137/$200 remaining.

I’d throw about 10-15% of my FAAB at him if I were you. No more than 15% though. You have to manage your budget, especially in a league where people drop players quickly. You may be able to pick up some other gems off the waiver wire

If Gordon is on waivers, I’m dropping everything to get him. Unless you’re like starving for RBs or something.

But if you’re league isn’t that competitive, than you can probably throw out like 30% of the budget. personally, If he’s there, I’m spending everything. At the end of the day, people way over value faab $. Especially this early in the season. If you can secure a potential weekly starter, I would drop my money to get that 100% cause there’s a tonne of games to be played still vs spending later when its less games to be played.

10-15% is not going to get it done. Managing budget this early only makes sense if the wire is thin. You have one of the best deep play WRs in the history of the NFL catching passes from one of the best deep ball throwers in the history of the NFL. Are there a tonne of risks? 100%. But if he hits for you, that’s a league winner. And league winners are always worth 100% of the FAAB.

Also the fact that you got FAAB for only $35 which is basically 15% of your budget, is absurd. Send me an invite to your league please.

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I ended up bidding around $70ish, and someone got him by bidding $169 which is more than I even had!