Josh Gordon or Aaron Jones

Which of these guys would you rather stat in the big sunday night game?

Full PPR.

Pats run D is lretty awful and I expect jones to get the lion’s share out of the carried and probably even RB targets. I get the argument for Gordon having higher upside but does he? If hes being low-key punished that might explain his lack of targets monday night

Floor vs Ceiling
If, come Sunday night, you need nitro go Gordon but if you need safety play Jones. You have the luxury of actually knowing where you’re at because its Sunday night

Hmm making this exact decision in a super close game. Was originally leaning towards jones but now that gronk is ruled out I’m considering gordon.

What is super close? If you need like 1 point and that’s the end of it, I’d start Jones…

I’m up by 20. He has Brady and I have jones.

I’d say Gordon. If Brady ends up using Gordon downfield alot, your opponent benefits, and so do you.