Josh Gordon or Corey Davis, keeper league - standard scoring

Hey guys!
Wondering about who I should keep in my league.
J. Gordon would cost me my 14th
C. Davis my12th

I’m leaning on Gordon for the talent, but Davis feels like the safest for the long run (next few years) considering Gordon ups and downs.
Waddaya think?


I’m a corey davis truther. Confused as to why there is a keeper cost in a dynasty league though. If it’s truly dynasty, its Corey Davis for me. In a redraft format, could consider gordon but probably still Davis for me.

My bad, it’s a keeper league not a dynasty!

Anyways, thanks for your opinion man. You believe Mariota can deliver?

Yes. I believe in Mariota. He got nerfed by horrible, horrible coaching. Also if you just watch the games,Corey davis is an unbelievable talent. I believe in him more than anything. Maybe it takes him another year or 2 to develop but he reminds me of TO. That’s my comp for him.

Yeah. And Matt LaFleur’s arriving should help them.
TO… that’s huge! Thanks man, I’ll be considering that.

To be clear, I’m not saying he will be TO or be near what TO was. At the end of the day TO is arguably the 2nd or at worst 3rd best receiver of all time. So if you believe Davis becomes that, setting yourself up for disappointment. I just meant stylistically, they way they play and their ability to win both in the air and RAC reminds me of TO.

No worries, I’d figured that out :wink:
What I meant is that I would be considering your opinion on the matter,

What is the difference between keeper league and dynasty? I am in a dynasty league with 4 keepers, so there is no giving up of draft picks. I have heard the FFballers mention differences before, but could you clarify for me?

Then it sounds like you are in a keeper league :wink:

In a dynasty you would be able to keep all of your roster from a year to another.

In a keeper league, you select a certain number of players that you can keep for the next year. In your case, 4 players to be held while the rest of your team become available during the next draft.

Those that make any sense to you?

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Don’t get me wrong, I think Davis has a huge year and will definitely be a breakout, but it’s Gordon by a wide margin for me. Teams will have to respect the other weapons in Cleveland, Tyrod and Baker can both run, and the oline/run game should be decent as well. Not to mention it’s 2 rounds LATER. Gimme that value for sure

Difference between 12th and 14th round is meaningless. Anyone you’re getting there is a dart throw at best so honestly, you’re not missing out on any value at all. It’s not like its the difference between a 2nd and a 4th rounder or a 4th and 6th rounder even. So that argument is honestly out the window.

If I knew for certain Gordon is going to play, then agree its gordon by a long shot. You’d be hard pressed to find me 3 receivers more talented than Gordon and he’s proven it. Fact of the matter is, you don’t know. Davis is younger and being able to keep him for longer is another factor you have to consider. I love Davis and even I am not certain Davis will have a massive breakout year but as long as I see like 700-800 yards and a few TDs from him, I’d feel pretty damn good about it.

It’s a risk and age thing for me here. And end of the day, Gordon still plays for Cleveland in a super crowded offense. Landry going to soak up a tonne of targets. Njoku needs targets. And then there’s DJ who is going to soak a bunch of targets running from the slot. On top of all that, you got Tyrod taylor throwing the rock.

Titans pretty much only have Davis. They drafted him to be the guy and he’s going to be the guy. Both come with their risks but the risk of Gordon being kicked out of the league permanently is very real. Now if he ends up showing up week 1, then its a different story. If we know for sure he’s playing, I take Gordon. But even then, you always have that risk in the back of him never playing again.

I must agree with @MikeMeUpp here, the difference between the 12th and the 14th won’t dictated my decision at this point. They both have great value.

I think we all agree on Gordon superior talent.
But in the end, and in the long run, it all comes down to: whether we think Gordon can be back and play (and play for a few years/staying out of trouble) or don’t.
And then it’s not football related anymore, it’s a personal reading of the man (which we don’t know or can’t analyse).
He can have all the talent in the world, if he doesn’t play, then it’s no good for us, fantasywise.

So I guess it become a risk/reward situation.

aha, thank you!