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Josh Gordon reinstatement


Maybe a reinstatement worth a stash?


No. He isn’t even out of rehab yet and the NFL loves to move as slow as possible on these things, especially on someone who has been suspended for over 2 years.


In a redraft no.


Call me crazy but I just picked him up in one of my leagues. If there’s even the slightest chance things go well with the application for reinstatement on the 21st, I’m willing to put him on the bench for a couple weeks.

If I already had elite wide receivers I probably wouldn’t feel the same way


Personally, I would not stash him. I feel as if there are too many questions on him aside from just the reinstatement questions. He certainly could be an elite WR but is he still as talented now. There is also the fact that the Browns could not want to deal with him anymore and then it becomes a question as to where he ends up. Chances are that he’s not going to be picked up right now anyway so it’s probably safe to wait and see what happens.