Josh Gordon’s Worth Trade add Fournette to it

Thinking of trading Josh Gordon. What do you think his worth is? Perhaps adding Fournette to the package? Thoughts?

Both of those players are impossible to give a value in a vaccum as they are so all over the map. Some will view Josh Gordon as a stud breakout, and others will view him as a useless bust. Some will view Fournette as a guy who won’t be healthy until it’s to late, and others view him as a buy low rb1. Ultimately you will have to shop them around to a lot of different people and get a reading on each individual owner in your league how they value them. Personally for me, I view Gordon as someone I barely want to own, and carries little trade value, and Fournette as a guy I am only buying if i have insane rb depth, but others may be excted about them . Case by case basis.

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I just traded Josh Gordon for Ronald Jones. 16 team .5 PPR league,and pretty stout on wrs. This trade could blow up in my face,but as we near midseason,I just want to add some RB depth for a potential playoff run. I feel it’s a win/win or lose/lose for both my trade partner and me.

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I’m thinking about trading Josh Gordon to add RB depth as well. I’m looking at acquiring McCoy though since the Shady owner is low on him but high on Gordon.


That sounds like a good move for you. I mean ,we can’t deny that Gordon is a potential league winner. But we can’t count on it either. The way I looked at it is,if my trade partner turned it down,I would be more than happy to continue rostering Gordon.

I gave him the choice between Gordon and Godwin.

Two weeks ago I was offered Shady and Davis for Gordon!

Wow, see if you can still take that man!

Yeah so many variables with Gordon, but if you have the WR depth then trading him for his hype is a fantastic idea.

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