Josh Gordon sspd

Has anyone heard any recent news on him? I know he was going to reapply for reinstatement the end of this month. Wondering if there was anything new on him possibly coming back?

Haven’t heard much, got a guy in my league who is a HUGE Gordon stumper, picks him up and carries him some weeks on his roster for “good luck” lol.

Last news was that he checked out of rehab on 9/21 and then yesterday 9/27 there was video posted by him that showed him working out on a football field. Haven’t heard anything about him resubmitting his reinstatement request yet though.

I’m the same guy in my league. Team name “Where’s Josh Gordon?” We have deep rosters so I can justify it, and I’ve made the playoffs 3 straight years. Off to a 3-0 start this year. The fantasy gods are real man.